Wednesday, 11 April 2012

I Like Tea.

Anyone who knows me knows this is an understatement. I don’t just like tea, I love it. I have over 20 different flavours, 23 currently though this number is usually in a state of flux. I also have a bit of a teapot collection. In all, I now have 6 of varying size and design and am still on the look out for more. I’m not really sure where this all started. Though I feel it’s a culmination of a few things in my life. My first job was in a teashop, when I moved out I couldn’t afford coffee, I discovered two amazing shops specialising in tea and tea accessories (T2 & the Tea Centre).  Whatever the reason it is safe to say that my drink of choice (at home at least) is tea.

If your looking to try some different flavours here are a few of my favourite
Amaretto  from the Tea centre – Black tea with a marzipan flavour to it
Brisbane Breakfast from T2 – Black tea with mango
Japanese Cherry from The tea centre – green tea with a sweet fruity flavour
Lemon Myrtle from Coles – lemon myrtle leaves

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