Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A Federal Parliament of Owls

While Stumbleing the other day I came across a lovely pattern for some very cute little crocheted owlets. Since I love owls and enjoy crocheting I immediately downloaded the pattern and made myself one.

Being happy with the result i set forth to make a few more. One for my sister, one for my boyfriend, two friends for my first owlet and as a challenge a very tiny one just to see how small I could make one. My Boyfriend then challenged me to make a giant owlet. It took a little longer but still looks great. This seemed to be the end of my owlet making as I had nothing new or different to try.

A few days later my boyfriend and I were discussing the proper term for a group of mice since a mischief (as we found out they were called) had taken up residence under my fridge (they are slowly being gotten rid of one by one, though this upsets me as I love mice too). We found a long list of names for groups of animals and started reading through to find the interesting and odd ones. When we came across the news that a group of owls was called a Parliament we smiled. You see my boyfriend is studying politics and has been helping out on the various election campaigns going on and so has a great interest in parliament.

And so the next challenge was put to me, to make an Australian federal parliament of owls. This is a great challenge indeed as not only do I need to make one owl per seat (which would be 150) but also extras to account for changes in government. So I’m making 163 owls all up. 75 ALP, 75 LNP, 6 Greens, 6 Independents and 1 Bob Katter owl complete with hat. I’m also planning on making a cloth bag with a parliament floor stitched on the front so the owls will have their own places to sit and a place to sleep when they aren’t in session.

You can follow the progress of the parliment Here on my flickr.

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